EU project “Empowering LTU´s Older workers through coaching and personal branding” will support both career advisors and professionals dealing with LTU´s and ultimately LTU´s through individualized

 “Empowering LTU´s Older workers through coaching and personal branding” is a transnational Project leaded by Fundación Coremsa and implemented together with four institutions: the association Acción contra el Hambre (from Spain), Inova Consultancy (United Kingdom), Steps srl (Italy) and Knowl (Greece). The project started on September 1st 2016, has a duration of 30 months and is developed with the support of the European Commission, through the Erasmus+ program, Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnerships in the field of Adult education.

Empowering has the aim to provide Long Term Unemployed older workers with strategic support and training in order to experience success through self-development and creative thinking. The project will support both career advisors and professionals dealing with LTU´s and ultimately LTU´s through individualized, tailored and emphatic approaches that will let them to explore, unlock and exploit their career potential.

Empowering promotes many interesting activities adults can join:

  1. Handbook on Empowerment strategies and Training Tools to motivate and activate Long Term Unemployed back to work, where adults will find some keys about NLP coaching, content about social media and how to bran yourself. If you are career advisor or adult trainer, this is your tool, as you will find out strategies, methodologies and practical tools used to empower and activate unemployed older workers.
  2. Short film Create your personal roadmap to success, which will provide with useful, practical ideas and exercises which could be useful for you to reach participants that are reluctant to take part or aren´t ready yet.

In order to allocate better the tasks, the partners attended six meetings that took place in the partner countries (Spain, UK, Greece and Italy) during the lifetime of the project, where they were discussing the progress of the project.

  • The 1st kick off meeting took place in Málaga, Spain on November,2016
  • The 2nd meeting took place in Sheffield, UK on April,2017
  • The 3rd meeting took place in Madrid, Spain on September, 2017
  • The 4th meeting took place in Athens, Greece on February, 2018
  • The 5th meeting took place in Bologna, Italy on June, 2018
  • And the final meeting took place in Málaga, Spain on January, 2019

Moreover, Fundación Coremsa organized at Spain 2 multiplier events (national conferences), where they disseminated the project results at international level in order to guarantee the transfer of results and the sustainability of the project. Through this way, unemployed adults and career advisors were informed about the strategies, methodologies and tools that have been developed in Empowering project.

The Empowering team would be very happy, if you could benefit from this project. Do not hesitate to contact us through our Facebook Page: Empowering LTU Older Workers, or project website:

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